Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to Purse.pk – The premier online destination for all your fashion needs in Pakistan. We offer an ever expanding selection of the most desirable brands, at attractive prices, all delivered to your doorstep for free! With a FREE 7-day returns policy and a commitment to premium customer service, Purse.pk is the safest and most convenient way to shop online.

Enjoy the latest fashions – delivered at your doorstep! Exclusively by Purse.pk.




How can I place an order at Purse.pk?


Simple. Just follow these steps:

Register on www.purse.pk

Select your favorite items, choose your Quantity and add them to your shopping cart

Tell us where you would like us to ship them

Choose a payment option (click here for details)

Once you confirm your order we will call you just to make sure we got everything right

And you are done! We will deliver your selected merchandise, at your doorstep!


How do I register?


Click “My Account” on the top navigation corner of the page

Click “Register”

Fill in your details

Click “Submit”


Congratulations! You now have an account and are ready to start shopping.


Why login and what does it mean?


It is important for you to have an account to log in with so that you can have full access to Purse.pk. It’s a secure way for us to make your shopping experience as convenient and personalized as possible. Register with us at www.purse.pk/my-account/


Do you have a showroom? Where is your store?


Our showroom is online! Why go through the hassle of running around in search of the perfect product when we offer you the luxury of browsing from your home? You can window shop dozens of brands, compare styles & prices and avail our special promos. We offer fast and free delivery to your home or office and we have a hassle-free return policy. If for some reason you do not wish to keep the product you can always exchange it for our prepaid shopping voucher. No problem! Check out our return policy here.


Can I come and try on the items before I buy them?


Purse.pk is an online shopping website. All of our items are stored in a warehouse that is not open to customers. Instead we offer a much simpler solution: Everything you see on our website can be bought and delivered to your doorstep free of charge. In case you don’t like your item or if it doesn’t fit, you can exchange it or order a new item within 7 days.


Do you have an Urdu website?


Not yet. But, please write to us at support@purse.pk if you feel it would ease your shopping experience and we will work on bringing this feature to you in the near future.


Returns and/or Exchange


How can I return an item?


Purse.pk has a FREE and trustworthy return policy. If you are not 100% satisfied with our products from Purse.pk please contact Our Customer Service at (+92) 333-881-1292 to initiate and schedule the return process. Once we’ve heard from you, we will then inform our shipping partners to collect the order returns from you. We won’t keep you waiting! We will directly issue you a refund coupon which is redeemable on our website for the price of the item that you just returned. You can use that coupon to order any other item that you like!


What is the return notice period?


We provide our customers with a 7-day notice period of returns. Please note that the items must be in an unused condition and contain the original tags and packaging (if any).


How long does a return or exchange refund take?


The sooner you inform us that you want to initiate a return process the better! Our shipping team will then arrive at your doorstep to pick the item up. Thereafter, a refund coupon will be generated and sent directly to you.


What happens to the voucher I use to buy an item and then buy an item I ask for a return/exchange?


If you used a voucher to purchase an item from our website, then we just add the amount of the voucher to your return coupon. For example, you order a clutch for Rs 1,000 and used a Rs 300 voucher as a mode of payment, along with Rs 700 cash. However, if the clutch do not fit to your mood and you want to exchange for a different one, then we still provide you with a Rs

1,000 coupon so that you won’t lose the benefit of your earlier voucher!


Payment Methods


What kind of payment methods do you accept?


  • Western Union
  • UBL Omni
  • Telenor Easy Paisa
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Cash on Delivery


For customers throughout Lahore, we accept Cash on Delivery (COD). Using this option, you can pay cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order. Please make sure to have the exact amount of payment available since our deliverymen do not carry petty cash.


Is Purse.pk trustworthy for online payments?


At Purse.pk the protection of your data is a paramount concern. To ensure that your data is not misused or misplaced in any way we use industry-leading encryption standards! This encrypts the data you provide to us, ensuring its safety and non-accessibility from any third party. At your end, it is critical that you protect your password. We assure you that your data is only used to process orders and to serve you better. It will be under no circumstances disclosed to any third party. For more information, please check our Terms & Conditions.


My credit card details were rejected! What can I do?


If you’ve tried to place an order but your payment has not been accepted, you can still choose the Cash on Delivery (COD) option. However, we recommend that you contact your bank to resolve any issues that may occur, so that your subsequent purchases are hassle-free.




What kind of products do you have at Purse.pk?


We have a wide variety of purse, clutches and bags as well as accessories for women. Since we are constantly adding new products, do not forget to check out our latest collection on www.purse.pk


What brands do you have at Purse.pk?


Purse.pk is our brand and is recognized as international brand as well as local brand.For a complete list of available products please visit: http://www.purse.pk/shop/


How can I search for a product at Purse.pk?


Just enter a short description of what you are looking for in our search bar on the top right corner of our website. The search options are limitless, but we generally advise that you search using terms such as your desired style, category, and other specifications of the type of product you want. For example, potential search terms could be “Fashion” Purse.pk will then display all relevant products corresponding to your query. We offer you the possibility to further refine your search through the advanced search bar option on the left appearing with your search results. Using advanced search, you can further key your desired category, brand, color, price and size to be more specific about search criteria.


Does Purse.pk guarantee authenticity of its products?


We only sell 100% authentic products at Purse.pk. All of our products are of premier quality. If you require further details, or if you are unsatisfied with any product please contact us (support@purse.pk) and we shall address your concerns at our earliest.


The item I want is out of stock. What do I do?


Although we try to maintain a stock level that keeps up with our expected demand, certain items which are highly popular may exceptionally run out of stock. As our stocks are continuously updated please do browse our Purse.pk range regularly to keep you posted of the latest trends in the world of fashion.


What if I don’t like my order?


At Purse.pk, we have a 7 day return policy. If you’re not satisfied with our products, you can return the products!


When returning please make sure that the merchandise:


  • is unworn
  • still contains all the original tags
  • is in the original packaging


To request an exchange or refund, please contact Purse.pk Customer Service via e-mail at support@purse.pk or call us at (+92) 333-881-1292 to schedule the pick-up service. We will accept all returns in exchange for a voucher that can be used to make any purchases from Purse.pk


What if I receive a different item than the one I ordered?


At Purse.pk, we take extra care to ensure that you receive what you order. However, in case of a mistaken shipment, you can always contact Purse.pk Customer Service on (+92) 333-881-1292 or email us at support@purse.pk to initiate and schedule the return process. Our agent shall then replace the wrong shipment with the delivery of your order according to your



How can I provide some feedback about a product?


We welcome all kinds of feedback on our products. Just fill in the “Product Review” tab

under each corresponding product or contact Purse.pk Customer Service at support@purse.pk. We are happy to hear from you!




Where do you deliver to?


Purse.pk ships across Pakistan. We are excited to offer Free Shipping to all of our customers. Whether you live in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad , you can order from us and get your product shipped at home or at your office!

Purse.pk is proud to partner with Pakistan’s premier Logistics Service Providers Blue-Ex

and TCS for all shipments. Their track record of unparalleled services in logistics is

assurance of the fact that your orders will be handled with the greatest care and urgency.


Do you have extra charges for delivery?


Deliveries are currently free of charge (Valid For Pakistan Only) !


How long does it take for my order to be delivered?


All orders will be delivered by our logistic providers within 5 business days of placing your order. If your order has not been received on the fifth business day please contact Purse.pk Customer Service via email at support@purse.pk or call us at (+92) 333-881-1292.


How can I track my order?


If your order has taken longer than the expected time frame to arrive, please contact Purse.pk Customer Service via email at support@purse.pk or call us at (+92) 333-881-1292 and we will be happy to assist you.


What if the item I received was damaged?


At Purse.pk we always take extra care in packaging your items. However, in case the item you received was damaged, please inform Purse.pk Customer Service immediately via email at support@purse.pk or call us on (+92) 333-881-1292. We will then schedule a pick-up of the

item and replace it with a brand-new one.


Can I place an order for delivery outside Pakistan?




How can I change my delivery address?


Your delivery address can be changed from your account page. Please log in to Purse.pk with your email address and password at http://www.purse.pk/my-account/. You can change your delivery address under the address tab. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact Our Customer Service via e-mail at support@purse.pk or call us on (+92) 333-881-1292.




How secure is shopping on Purse.pk?


Shopping on Purse.pk is guaranteed to be 100% secure. Credit card numbers are never stored on our systems and all payment details are encrypted with the highest levels of security before being transmitted. We follow the most stringent protocols to ensure that all customer data are protected.


What if I forgot my password?


It is easy to reset your password. Just click on “My Account” and then on “Forgot Password” in the “Registered Customers” box. Type your email address and click “Submit”. Your new password will be automatically emailed to your email address within a couple minutes.