Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Activation of any and all accounts with shall be identified under our services as long as you log in browse the site and or make your purchases, posts and over all activity on the site with complete protection so as to guarantee our customers satisfaction and personal information properly concealed solely with the agreement of the following Privacy Policies that strives to implement for the safety of our customers. Our business is pleased that you have chosen to sign up with us, please read the following for policy regulations.


Data that we collect


Please be aware that by signing up with our site and activating an account that the data you share must be honest and accurate so we can properly place your account services such as; purchases, and payments. The following data is not limited to the information that we may collect such as addresses, telephone or mobile numbers, payment details, as well as other personal information requested that you provide for accurate services.

Collecting your personal information through the specific data you provide to our site on will be used for our business processes to guarantee adequate customer services to you and your accessibility to our site, for as long as you desire to keep your account active with our website. Any information that you request of our business can and will be provided through the use of your personal information you may be contacted through either each active accounts you provide such as an email address, your account or any other means on contact with your reasonable understanding to your request of information to our site and its merchandise, whereas we prefer that our customers are aware of the third party use for suitable deliveries of our products.

If there are any changes made in your personal information please make sure that you provide that update to your account with our site as soon as possible or at your convenience given that you made or will make a purchase during the time of changes to the data provided under shipment processes and payments. It is stressed that all information gathered by our site and its staff is purely confidential as we respect the privacy of our users of, initially stated throughout our policy regulations. By registering with our site we will not assume any neglected responsibilities on behalf that as a customer you are aware of internet fraud, password protection and identity theft. Although our services guarantee customer confidentiality we cannot be held responsible for our customer dissatisfaction(s).


Other uses of your personal information

There is a possibility of the information  that is provided under your account and its activity to be reviewed  and retrieved if there is any other new products that may be provided through the statistics of our customer likes and dislikes of our merchandise we provide, which essentially could be shared publicly, just a reminder that we are strictly confidential with the personal information of our customers and can only consent with the agreement that our customers are well aware that they will allow our site to generate and promote our products as necessary for sales and site status.


Our Disclosure of Your Information


Provided that our customers enjoy the use and accessibility of our website may disclose any data provided by you through your account, these reasons are for factory regulations that whereas if our customer(s) provide faulty illegal information or violations with and to our site and or threatens our business we will be obligated to enforce our regulations to protect the safety of all our customers and staff.

Our services are here to provide satisfied customers in such instances the processes to make responsible sales, promotions and or deliveries our third party services can and will be contacted upon necessary arrangements. It is only at our customers decision at their own request of our third party services to be contacted and utilized for arranged services. But nonetheless is used to make and designate for customer support and communication, promotions, merchandise shipments and or delivery options.



For promotional efforts our website does contribute in customer participation whereas advertising for our merchandise through much of the data you provide can contribute to prize notifications and offers to competition categories.

Third Parties and Links

According to our Privacy Policies your rights to be protected under our services will not be compromised therefore it is necessary that your personal information will be utilized in the process of all information provided be as precise as possible for respectful product purchases, deliveries and or shipments, billing and customer services, advertising and communication.

In any circumstances any third party can and will also be utilized to make claims for payments and billing. It is necessary that at our customers direct ordering and purchasing that our customers provide an honest approach to our business and make viable requested data at the time of account activation for proper processing.

No Spam, Spyware or Spoofing


As stated in our regulations of our policies it is pertinent that our customers respect and honor the business of as same goes for our sites as well. Please be aware that you cannot send spam and content the like thereof to our customers without consent, if so doing the data you have provided can and will be contacted in order to protect the privacy of our customers and our website. The following information is open to our customers also, please contact our customer services as soon as possible.

Account Protection


Please remember that it is the rights of our customers to be protected therefore the policies of our website enacted guarantees those rights under data provided, it is important that each customer create their own passwords to access accounts and services and do not share your password once created, that is our customers sole responsibility. Lest there be some kind of security concern detrimental to our customer personal information, we might not hesitate to assist you in any way possible.




In the circumstances that we feel that our customer data be protected under accessing our services there are special methods used to secure each customer care. Be advised that even with the technical security protection that you still risk the chances of an unlikely occurrence for unauthorized access outside of our breech. It is unfortunate to be a victim of such cruelties and be aware that will take every step to ensure that you are protected although not guaranteed as with many internet services through the world wide web has experienced malfunctioning unbeknownst to our systems and its protocols.

The personal information our customers provide is privately accessed with request to the purchasing of our products, in any effort the security of billing and payments is highly secure and can only be activated with consent of our customer and or third party in part that other options of false customer identification is used by the account holder.



There are sites available on tutoring the average website user and or customer of a system functionality of Cookies. The website allows for special opportunities to detail in the likelihood that you as a customer activate cookies, specifically for our site but it is not a requirement as every customer should be well aware of the many options we provide on the site itself.


Your Rights


Our customers have the right to withdraw any private information at any time during the use of the site account. In retrospect the customer also as the right to request for any corrections that need to be made with their personal information(s) that they cannot for some reason access. In order to please our perspective customers it is the rights also of each individual to request that our website cease in the use of the personal data provided for specific uses as mentioned in this Privacy Policy.




The aforementioned policies and or regulations to our Privacy Policy can and will be objected to specific alterations for our website and to our business.