Terms and Conditions


Purse.pk is pleased to be at service to any and all potential customers and would like to officially be of greater service, as we provide our Terms and Conditions for general notification for use of our website and all other related sites comprised with our branch of operation(s). When accessing our services online as a customer you understand and agree to our Terms and Conditions, which by at any rate during use can be amended, such alterations will be made clear and updated prior to any implementations.



Persons of legal age within their locations are allowed to have access to our site(s) and service(s), preferably under aged customers’ ages 18 years and under are allowed access with permission and supervision of legal guardians only. Purse.pk is giving each customer certifiable accessibility to our services which can be revoked at anytime if customer is found at fault for misusing and abusing our site(s) and service(s).

Any information and customer publishing will not reflect on our site whereupon the unacceptable content that is expressed by our customers can and will be removed and or ignored or further investigated so as to keep our sites free from any and all abuse and violations. Be aware that any third party use can be of violation and will not be tolerated therefore our site will be forced to make specific alterations to accessibility.

Please be aware that as a customer you are obligated to your account(s) and must take your own responsibility of your privacy such as passwords and personal information Purse.pk shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, in any way for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of, or in connection with, your failure to comply with this section.

During the registration process you agree to receive promotional emails from the Site. Be aware you may opt out of receiving promotional e-mails by clicking on the link at the bottom of any promotional email.


Abusing Purse.pk

The Purse.pk website and its active community strive to keep its site(s) and service(s) abuse-free and would like to keep it that way, therefore we ask that if there is any suspicion to the misuse of our sites and services that they be reported as soon as possible so that our technical team can eliminate the problem as deemed per complaint and site and service abuse and or misunderstanding.



As a customer you are granting the use of your submissions freely to our site and services. Any information provided via website public use is demonstrated publicly and therefore becomes the exclusive property to Purse.pk. Any and all other submissions that are clearly public should not be abusive and will not be tolerated if misleading content exists within the origin of its content that can and will be reviewed and if need be removed by our administrator.



On behalf of our products and materials as well as services the site is under no obligation to serve its customers or cancel requested services at anytime as seen in any case for specific reasons that you may be notified about. Additional information is requested of all customers on requested services regarding purchasing, so as to provide accurate services to you. Any changes may be made to the site(s) and its information, be most aware of any edits made to our pricing(s) and product availability.



All rights are reserved for our website Purse.pk and its working branches, such rights guarantee our sole ownership of all and or specific content(s) but not limited to all assemblance and creative products of advertising, publishing and collectivity of our site.


In any cases that come about due to misunderstandings and legal disputes with our customers and Purse.pk, we would like to first and foremost request that our customers contact our site teams as soon as possible to resolve such steps as to lighten the error made on behalf of our website. Further steps can be made and are frowned upon but would be of most obligations to resolve as soon as can be done for our site is pleased to provide customer care and service to all active members and or customers.



The aforementioned Terms and Conditions can and will be interpreted by the laws of the land and its governing body so as to guarantee submission to legal action(s) made regarding our site and services in legal disputes and or governing body based upon venue of Purse.pk.



In any case as with further litigation between any customer and Purse.pk such disputes can be further held in law as based upon location and law of the land granting such rights and laws to our website. Any arbitrator will be person(s) with legal rights and training which is independent of either party in the dispute but not limited to business base. Whereas the site and its entity have the right to protect itself from further activity in regards the use of the law and its courts.



Each customer is protected by our site when accessing its services, in so doing our team of qualified technical staff updates security measures deemed fit. Any personal information you provide is used for accessing our sites and services therefore will not be sold by our site to third parties.  In regards to the use of your personal information please be aware that the Terms and Conditions guarantee the Privacy Policy of our customers which contain further information whereupon our customers can find further understanding and explanation of the privacy of our customers.



As customers of Purse.pk you cannot hold our sites and services responsible for violation of your demands and or claims specifically regarding fees and or other rights of agreements made between you and your activity.



There shall be no entity partnership by making such agreements and arrangements unless agreed upon solely with approval through strict amendments and adjustments.



Any active account information you provide as customers you will be notified as our website receives requests provided that the personal data provided to contact you is updated and actively used. Notifications can be found by updates to requested services.


Agreements and given rights to our website through the aforementioned policies and or Terms and Conditions as well as our customer use can and may be terminated without notice. Therefore not granting you any further rights to access our sites and services, where of which you are not satisfied with our sites and services bind to our mandatory site regulations of which you do not agree to before accessing customer privileges then you may discontinue the use of Purse.pk as deemed prior to our customer satisfaction.